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Body shaping undergarments have been with us for centuries as ladies have also pursued the perfect figure but happily the days of uncomfortable corsets and unforgiving girdles are long gone. Shapewear finally fell out of favour in the 1970's, an era of greater freedom and self-expression for women. New textiles and advances in design sparked a return for body shaping garments which today are a comfortable and affordable way to make the best of your assets. See more.

Body control undergarments are the perfect way to achieve a wonderful silhouette in even the most figure hugging clothing. Shapewear will smooth out those little limps and bumps giving you a natural looking and fabulously feminine figure when wearing all your favourite tops and dresses. This is lingerie that can be worn all day with ease and we have a fine range for you to choose from here at Chantilly.

Our garments have been carefully selected from the fabulous Marie Jo, Prima Donna, Poupoupidou and Naomi & Nicole collections. Choose from contour tops, body shapers, torsettes and dresses for great control and to create beautiful lines in even the slinkiest clothing.

Shapewear does have a reputation for being difficult to put on and you will no doubt have heard many stories of ladies getting into a bit of a twist but there is no need to worry. Stepping into shapewear, even tops, is much easier than trying to pull them over your head and will leave your arms free at all times. It is also crucial to get the right size. Don't be tempted to order a piece that is too small as this will not give you better results, it will merely mean that your garment is less comfortable.

Shapewear that is too large will be no easier to dress in and will not contour your body correctly. We hope that you enjoy our fabulous body control garments and we are sure that you will achieve spectacular results. If you have any questions then please call our friendly team who are always on hand to help out with some great advice.

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