Compression Garments

Following an injury or surgery your body may need additional support. Compression garments will provide the required support and help speed up the healing process. At Chantilly our collection features high quality specialist undergarments that will work with your body and your lifestyle to considerably improve your recovery. See more.

The Anita Care Body Bandage is suitable for those who have undergone thoracic or abdominal surgery, have suffered a slipped disc or who have sustained broken ribs. This garment features a breathable, softly padded wound dressing covering and can assist static correction of the spine, sciatic problems and help new mothers regain their shape after giving birth.

The Anita Care Compression Bra is a carefully designed garment for women who have had breast surgery or segment and quadratic resection. The bra promotes healing through controlled compression on the scar tissue and prevents irritation of the tissues via a precise fit and skin friendly fabric. The bra is easy to take on and off helping both the patient and health workers.

If you have suffered an injury or had surgery it is vital to your recovery to wear the correct undergarments. These will also leave you feeling as comfortable as possible giving you one less thing to worry about whilst your body heals! If you have any questions regarding these garments then please to give us a call as our friendly team will be happy to help you make the right decision.

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